Sabri Ensemble - Dhin Na
Hauntigly melodic and vibrantly percussive music fusing funky jazz with Indian classical tradition.
musicians: Lisa Mallett (flute), Kamal Sabri (sarangi), Alvin Davis (saxophone), Mark Lockett (piano, keyboards), Trevor Lines (double bass), Jozeph Remeny (percussion), Sarvar Sabri (tabla)
"sound that refreshes the senses...." Jazz Review
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CD Review
Sabri Ensemble - Dhin Na
Derek Day - Jazz Review
Oasis, a mid-paced groove of almost Middle Eastern persuasion, opens proceedings. The tabla work of Sabri is faultless as he gently coaxes the rhythm forward, providing a backdrop for the others to explore at will. Saudade, 11 minutes of unrestrained passion, sees Lockett and Lines entering the fray, their highly individual sounds contributing to the overall seductive air. Mallett's flute, all wispy and meandering, sits alongside a noticeably more inquisitive sarangi. Still in an amorous mood, You begins life as a liaison between piano and sarangi, later to develop into a ménage a trois as Sabri injects some rhythmic heat to proceedings. Ironically Balkan Divorce Dance by nature ends any chance of romantic bliss. However with its progressive outlook and feel, this track does offer some scant respite to any purist suffering jazz withdrawal. Bass and sax defiantly hold their ground while around them, tablas, percussion and all manner of worldly delights establish their own little points of refuge.
The essence of this record is summed up perfectly by Sarvar Sabri: I wanted to form a band of musicians from different backgrounds and disciplines to find a common ground where they could work together without imposing a tradition onto the others which itself requires many years of learning. To achieve that the first task was to find like-minded musicians who could grow together as a band allowing time to understand each other's work. Cerebral in its application, Dhin-Na offers the listener a chance to indulge themselves in a melée of different cultures and traditions. Although such musical abandonment can often result in catastrophe, here it conspires to produce a sound that refreshes the senses."
Oasis - 11.52 (sabri)
Saudade - 11.22 (martins)
Dodgy Geazer 8.26 (locket)
Tribes - 7.39 (davis)
The Balkan Divorce Dance - 6.33 (lines)
Third Lane - 8.55 (sabri / lockett)
You - 9.33 (sabri)
Dodgy Geezer
Dodgy Geezer