For Schools
This cd rom is targeted at any body with basic computer skills. There is no need to install any software. Just put the cd rom in the cd rom drive and it will start automatically.The interface is simple and very intuitive.

This is particularly useful for for schools children and teachers as it:
  • relates to the P.E. curriculum in terms of dance.
  • will help schools with their focus on multicultural education
  • will help schools towards gaining the Stephen Lawrence award
  • will help celebrate cultural diversity in areas of the curriculum relevant to the school
  • will help with any geography projects based around India
  • will tie into the music curriculum in terms of Indian music
  • will fit into the history curriculum as the dances have historical significance
  • will fit into the ICT curriculum (information and communication technology) as it is interactive and develops computer skills
  • will help raise the profile of ethnic minorities and cultural diversity
The schools can place an order using the order form.