" an exciting and inspirational CD-Rom..." Harriot Jones, NDTA magazine
NDTA magazine…Dancematters Issue 53
CD Rom review by Harriet Jones

Classical Dances of India is an exciting and inspirational CD-Rom focussing on seven styles of Classical Indian Dance. It is an excellent resource and could be used to support a Scheme of Dance Woek at Key Stage 3 through to Cultural Dance at AS and A Level.

The CD-Rom begins with a brief introduction to Indian dance, and then focuses on seven Classical Indian dances: bharatanatyam, kathak, kuchipudi, manipuri, mohiniyattam and odissi. Each dance is split into four sections: History, Features, Costume and Music. A short video clip for each dance concentrates on technique and highlights key features such as hand gestures, facial expression and intricate footwork. Each section is structured identically, presenting students with a clear and consistent format to follow. Key words are italicised and clear pronunciations of the words given. Narration is an optional feature but using it creates a real sense of authenticity.

Many of the sections in the CD-Rom are interactive. For example, the music section includes the option to hear the pronunciation of the names of the instruments and listen to a demonstration of their sounds.

Using ICT in dance lessons can be difficult, but this CD-Rom is easy to navigate and could be projected onto a screen or wall in any space, or accessed by students through your school network. In addition, resources such as photographs and terminology are available to print from the Archive and Glossary sections.
Harriet Jones, NDTA magazine…Dancematters Issue 53
As one who has been directly involved in the promotion of Indian classical music and dance for more than 19 years, I have found this CD-Rom to be the most comprehensive and interactive learning tool for the students as well as the teachers of Indian classical dances and for those who seek to extend their knowledge in this field.
Shish Sarcar - Surdhwani
It is great! I have seen it together with my dance company in Norway and we really enjoyed everything from the layout to the content it provided. It is been very helpful to us.
Anne H. Ekenes (Artisitic Director) Panta Rei Danseteater (Norway)