Producers notes
Sarvar Sabri - producer
Sarvar Sabri is an internationally renowned tabla player whose versatility, and passion for the rich diversity of the world's musical traditions, has spurred him to constantly experiment with other world-class musicians and composers, and to extend the boundaries of his own classical form.

He has worked with India’s leading musicians and dancers. He has also been very involved with experimental and fusion work, composing music for theatre, story telling, dance groups, radio and Television.

Producer's notes
I have been working in the field of Indian music and Dance in the UK as a composer, performer, teacher and workshop leader from last twenty years. My teaching includes working with school children ranging from key stage one to lecturing university students.

For many years I have felt the need for a simple and concise resource about the basics of Indian music and dance which can be used by children, school teachers and any one who is curious about the music and dances of India. “Classical Dances of India” is my first project in form of a CD-Rom which provides an introduction of seven main classical dances of India.

This CD-ROM is the result of three years of extensive research, consultation and documentation about the dance forms with a team of experts within their respective fields.

I would like to thank all the collaborators, consultants, advisors, dance artists who appear in the photographs and video clips; photographers to let me use their photos; team of excellent camera and lighting crew; SAMPAD for all their support; Sistachar Sarcar for his time and advise; Swami Krishna Nanda Bharti of Kannur (Kerala) for his kind advise and blessings.